SENUKE X Special Windows VPS

Running a Special Windows Based VPS for all of our Senuke X friends:


VPS Software: SolusVM™ / Xen™:  Windows VPS
CPU: 2.50GHZ
Memory: 2.5GB
Disk Space: 150GB
Bandwidth: 2,000GB/MONTH
IP Addresses: 2

Special Price: $39.95/MONTH


This configuration is tested and works perfectly with the latest Senuke X.

IF you sign up to SeNuke through our link below you get the 1st Month of VPS hosting absolutely FREE!.

After sign -up just email us and we’ll credit the account.  If you have not signed up it is the best SEO Tool that exists today.
SEnukeX SEO Software

8 Responses to SENUKE X Special Windows VPS

  1. Michael says:

    Do you offer 1 month satisfaction guarantee ?

  2. Eric says:

    Do I have to buy senuke first?
    Or I just have to order the VPS which includes senuke already?

  3. Roshan says:

    Does it will have mysql and php.

    • vps says:

      Mysql and PHP can be installed on a windows VPS by using the popular XAMP package (free).
      We’d be glad to assist with this setup if requested.

  4. Derek Caldwell says:

    Does this work with the SENuke X trial version so i can see if i like the services together?

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Bronze PlanStarter Plan

Bronze VPS Plan Includes.

  • Linux VPS
  • Memory: 512MB GUARANTEED
  • Disk Space: 20GB
  • Bandwidth: 1000GB/MONTH


Silver PlanVPS Boost

Silver VPS Plan Includes.

  • Linux VPS
  • Memory: 1GB GUARANTEED
  • Disk Space: 50GB
  • Bandwidth: 1000GB/MONTH